What do you get when you have neither moved nor eaten for the last 48 hours? Cabin Fever.

If you want to make sure to hold on to your sanity you better leave, and do that quickly.

And oh the gifts you receive if you do. You might find a piece of beauty in one of nature’s freaks



or a little friendliness in exchange for some “Pony Happy Meal”



You might find a castle in your neighborhood that you’ve never seen before, with dashing little red riding hoods in front



Okay, maybe those were just tulips, but look at those firm petals! And the brightness isn’t just courtesy of our camera



“Das Bergische Land” sure has its beauty, you only have to get out there and look. Astonishing how animals, sunshine and spring can cure anything if applied in the right dosage. Even Cabin Fever.

I ♥ cozy bedrooms

I might just have died and gone to heaven. Interieur design heaven, that is.

I mean, cute colors, simple designs and clever use of space? What’s not to like?

First off: quilts. They’re pretty, soft and have tradition. They keep the cathair off your linen and probably even smell good 🙂

Then the pillows. Their message is still up-to-date: Make love, not war. Make fun of me, I don’t care. I want those. And looking at that dove, I think she wants to live with me, too.

I’m a sucker for dots. They’re round and small and perky. Perfect! It’s like these sheets are saying: One dot for you, one dot  for me, one for you, one for me…

Upon looking at this sleeping bag, I want a sleep-over. Now. With cookies, bad 80ies romances and soda-pops.

They even stitch your name into them!

Does “Liz is Sparta” fit, I wonder?

Last, but definetely not least: those bookshelves.

We have a cool, three-sided mediatower at home, too.

It is seriously stylish.

But this here? My-oh-my.

Seeing those I disclaimed something I wouldn’t repeat in front of my parents.

Just for you I will say: Looking at those I felt seriously great!

It is a 360° shelf with differently sized compartments. And you can put all the lovely things in it that make a flat cozy: books, pictures, the stone sculpture you did in 8th grade and your wedding bouquet. Siiiigh.


All items found at Pottery Barn Teen, PBteen.


I had another case of “Hmmmm, wanna have!”, as I made a discovery:

pretty on an "Expedit"

would look pretty on our "expedit"

I would never burden my husband with this

I would never burden my husband with this, but it's beautiful

The husband likes it, too

The husband likes it, too

expensive, but great!

expensive, but great!

looks nice on a sideboard or slender shelf

looks nice on a sideboard or slender shelf

Too bad that we didn’t win this week’s jackpot! Guess we should´ve played in the first place 🙂