Today, on social media, I haven’t stopped talking about last night’s events. I don’t suppose I will anytime soon.


A small number of “people” have caused millions of people a lot of pain. Presumably all in the name of a god that I can’t believe would condone this.

The attacks that hit closest to home for me ar those on Bataclan. I’ve visited hundreds of rock shows, from small venues to big halls and again and again I think “it could have been me”.  And, in a way, it was. Those more than 120 people were my sisters and brothers at heart. They loved Rock’n’Roll just as much as I do, and they wanted to have a good time.

Those terrorists who brutally took their lives want us all to be afraid now. Afraid to go out and enjoy what we do, cower and fear ” what if?”

I, for one, won’t do it.

I hate that my daughter’s growing up in a world where insanity like this exists.

And I won’t stand for her being afraid.

Tonight, my hometown’s Cow Club celebrates 30 years of supporting young bands. And my friends, shocked and sad as they are, won’t stay home tonight, too afraid to go out. They will grab a drink and stand shoulder to shoulder with their friends and defy last night’s killers by doing what they will always be doing – enjoy their freedom and do whatever the heck they want to.