Addicted to…

… names. I always have been and I think I might always be.

This can be partly blamed on my upbringing, being raised with a pile of books and countless heros and heroines. Falling in love with them often meant falling in love with their names:

Alanna, Grainne, Lotta. Mio, Jonathan, Erik.

Often those names came from Astrid Lindgren’s universe, no wonder, as I was named from one of her books, as well.


I frequently visit, whether a new child is born into our circle of friends and I want to learn about its name’s history, or if I just want to browse.

The site features a gimmick where one can keep lists of favourite names, which might come useful in the future.

But it is also possible to search for names according to categories (like “vintage names” or “German names”), rate names or discuss them on reader boards.


A recent article on the site is about Baby Shower Games, and though this American tradition isn’t commonly practised in Germany, one of the mentioned games might be fun for mothers-to-be.

It is about finding a name for the unborn baby, and though most of its outcomes probably won’t be used for the child the name game is a fun way to broaden one’s naming horizon.


“To help come up with some fresh ideas, ask the guests to fill in the blanks with names of people, places, and things important in their own lives.

Remember: the more individual and meaningful, the better.  Feel free to improvise here, and please share your answers below!

A.) paternal great-grandmother’s first name + favorite tree

B.) place where you honeymooned + cartoon character

C.) favorite musician’s surname + father’s birth stone

D.) maternal grandmother’s maiden name + favorite color

E.) author of choice + favorite animal

F.) mother’s birthstone + father’s high school mascot

G.) favorite film character + mother’s alma mater

H.) your childhood nickname + grandfather’s occupation

I.) father’s middle name + street where you grew up

J.) children’s book character + paternal grandfather’s first name”

As most people, I probably won’t end up calling my kids “San Francisco Sylvester” or “Hexe Postman”, but the outcomes are funny.

Come to think of it, Pink might have played the game with hubby Carey Hart, considering she named her first daughter “Willow Sage” 🙂

Lisa, anyone?

Flavorwire’s Margaret Eby made an interesting observation:

“Let’s face it: some names just have better songs than others. If you’re a “Sue” or a “Caroline,” there are endless ballads to your beauty and badass-ness. If your name happens to be “Jebediah,” you’re out of luck, unless you like hymns.”

So, in the world of Rock’n’Roll, what does my name reveal?

Flavorwire found out that I’m supposed to be “Alternately sad and nasty, object of Rivers Cuomo’s lust, need[s] to be alone at night”
According to: Prince, Weezer, The Velvet Underground

Isn’t there more to it?

In my youth I failed to infatuate members of the local Rockscene enough to have them write odes about me. My friend then, named Lisa as well, at least got the King of Pain to sing a few lines about her, involving a dry dock and a skirt with bells. That song never made it to stage though…

Come to think of it, the same King dedicated a song to me on a gig, calling my name the “most metal” in town.

But darn it, he meant my last name.  Still I’m no further on my quest to find out what reputation I have in the rockosphere.

Certainly Rock’n’Roll, if a bit yellow, are the Simpsons, in whose mind I’m a gift of a little sister. They’ve got that one right.

Cat Stevens, before he lost some of his marbles, thought Lisa is sad and lost in the dark.

Marius Müller Westernhagen deems me a great dancer.

The Sugarplum Fairy boys feel insecure when Lisa’s walking down the street but they never want to dance with no other.

Lisa is everything to Ben Folds, even if she’s “so sensitive”.

Lisa Loeb sings:

“Lisa, won’t you listen?
The moon shines for you:
You’re tipsy and turning, you’ve got one foot on the floor.
You’re alive, you are burning.
You always wanted more.”

I haven’t been drunk once in the last five years.

Lisa stole Bowling For Soup’s heart “when Eddie Vedder was king”.  I was in primary school then and didn’t steal many hearts.

The attentive reader guesses right when he thinks I’m not truly represented in the Rock’n’Roll hall of fame.

If anyone wants to change that, be my guest. Biffy Clyro perhaps? That would be swell…