Mrs. Prosch’s olde bakery II: Cheesecake Cupcakes with Shortbread

Good fences make good neighbors. At least Robert Frost thought so.  I have to disagree, at least regarding our last flat’s neighbors.  Below us lived a darling old lady, Mrs. A, who never complained after a party and always helped out with an onion or some vinegar.  She was always friendly and talkative, but left us alone when we wanted to. Her next door neighbor, Mrs. N, fell into the same category. Though we were quite glad to leave our one-room flat behind, we sure were sorry to leave the ladies. So we promised to invite them to our new flat, once it was finished.

After we finally got the last lamps installed and the sofa and dining table set up, the invitation followed. Now I don’t have to mention that I couldn’t just use a baking-mix from the store,  so I gladly took out my recipe-book and stumbled upon:


Yummy, I thought, and royal enough for our special guests. So to start I had to crush some buttercookies, but I soon discarded my first choice for a tool:


So I put it back into hubby’s office and grabbed the ladle, worked really well:


After mixing the crumbs with soft butter the mix had to be filled into the muffin-papermolds, like that:


Then I could fill them up with a mixture of creamcheese, curd cheese and vanillapudding powder:


40 Minutes later the cupcakes looked golden and smelled soo good:


With the self-whipped cream and cranberries on top they looked like little pieces of art, if I say so myself:


The Ladies loved them and even hubby, who is a sceptic when it comes to baked goods, ate at least five.

Looks like I did it again.

Mrs. Prosch’s olde bakery

I took some time out of my very moderately quite not at all busy day to do something nice for my hubby. So here’s what I did:

That first one was for the cook’s refreshment only


then the single steps to muffin heaven








and tadaaaa:



I think they’re yummy and very nice, as I’m eating one that’s still warm as I’m typing this. Hopefully hubby will like them, too.