Cuteness overload

It happened, I just ‘sploaded.

Too much cuteness.

Cannot compute…

I mean, the only thing better than Star Wars is when its galactical coolness is combined with kitty cuteness!

Hello Wars!

If they had one, I would buy a “Hello Leia” necklace in a new-york-minute. Without thinking twice.

But even that cuteness can’t be compared to the following.

It’s Jack-in-the-box! It stealthily collects your coins! It meows while doing so!

Oh boy. I mean, you know when my birthday is, right?

Lily Superstar

Of course Lily got her place in the spotlight, too. Super cute as always,  she stole her way into people’s hearts:


Too bad that the people at “the Daily” put a pic of Jack in Lily’s set by mistake.  So about 2 thirds of the comments are about Lily’s wicked cuteness, the remaining third about how bad the flower Lily is for cats- as the pic with Jack shows him sniffing on some.

I have this feeling that Lily, undeservedly, came in second to Jack’s cuteness, though there hasn’t been a competition. Poor Lily-Vanilli, for we all know she’s the cutest kitty in town!

Guess she’ll be cuddled extra hard the next days to make up for that whole TDK escapade.