A fight as old as this world

I want something to eat, and I want it now.

Now I say!

I shall not rest until my belly is full!

I shall not be tempted by your feeble attempts of distractions, I shall…


Mmmmmmmhhh, yes, scratch my ears, mmmmmhhh…



Stop it, insipid human! I demand to be fed at once! I…


Mmmmmhhhh, yeeeees, -rubs against hand and starts purring-, yeeees, that’s the spot….


STOP IT I SAID! I’m not your cuddly cat0r, I am a destroyer of worlds, hungry for the bodies of my en-…..


Mmmmmgpfgrrrrrpuuurrrrr….. puuuuurrrrr…




A daily fight that always ends in a win-win situation: Some cuddles for me from my independence-loving Jack, some noms for his ever-hungry self.





Cuteness overload

It happened, I just ‘sploaded.

Too much cuteness.

Cannot compute…

I mean, the only thing better than Star Wars is when its galactical coolness is combined with kitty cuteness!

Hello Wars!

If they had one, I would buy a “Hello Leia” necklace in a new-york-minute. Without thinking twice.

But even that cuteness can’t be compared to the following.

It’s Jack-in-the-box! It stealthily collects your coins! It meows while doing so!

Oh boy. I mean, you know when my birthday is, right?