Would you lie down on my floor?

I’ve noticed you before, Alvine.

I’ve seen you while out shopping, and I wasn’t even looking for a crush.

But there you were, the incarnation of spring. Flowery, but with class.

I told myself that there was no space for you in my life, that I could not afford you.

But you kept creeping up on me, being all charming and sophisticated.  And momma-help-me, you’re Swedish!

I bet you’re the only fling my husband wouldn’t begrudge me.

Won’t you move in with me, please?

You wouldn’t even be lonely, your cousins are already here

the new project

There are only a few pages I check on a daily basis: PerezHilton.com, icanhascheezburger.com and my mail server. The latest addition is Ikeahacker, and it put a new plan in my head. I need a nice, new accessories chest. I have’t seen one I like in years, so I’ll just have to visit my mother-in-law and make my own. She owns a stationery- and handicrafts store and knows how to do those things.

Back to my plan: I found this great ikea-hack from Angie and knew that’s what I want to do. But I want do do it differently, hers is too dark for my personal taste, though it too is beautiful. She bought three sets of chests, put them together and attached them onto an old sidetable for this tower:

So first I’ll need to go to Ikea and buy some fira chests. I´ll either take the same Angie used or the ones who have small drawers, too.

Just like this they’re too plain and boring, so they’ll need some serious pimping. So now I have about 3 options:

1. I could use some pink paper napkins with white polka dots and apply them onto the chests, using a          special technique and my mother-in-laws handicrafty-skills.

2. I could paint the drawers in different pastels and the chests themselves white.

3. I could glue some recently purchased origami paper onto the drawers, which would probably look nice, too

I haven’t decided, yet. Put after I have pimped the outsides, I´ll apply some pink or creme colored felt to the insides of the drawers and they’ll be ready for all my necklaces, earrings, hairclips, belts and scarfs- yay!

The last step would be to somehow place it in the bedroom, which again leads to a choice. I could either

– attach them directly to the wall and achieve a floating look, or I could

– find some nice table legs and put them underneath the chests. There are boring and simple ones, silver for example or even really nice ones like the vika.

However it’ll turn out, I’m already excited!

Hack your Billy!

Yesterday while watching “24” I saw people hacking into a database -old news!

Totay I was reading “Living at home” when I stumbled across a hacked Billy – yes, you can hack furniture. How?

The lovely people at Ikea Hacker show us how. Whether your dachshund needs a new bed or your couchtable a new look, people from all over the world show their hacks- and simple, cheap ways to pimp, excuse me, hack your Ikea stuff.