Harry Potter exhibition

While I am counting the days until I can finally see the last installment of the Harry Potter movies I can do nothing but stare longingly at the books on my shelves. American Potter-heads are more lucky than I, since they can visit a new exhibition at Gallery Nucleus (thanks to the Geek in Heels for the info).

It is called the Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition and features lots of scenes and characters from the series.

Not only will the lucky attendees receive a “complimentary butterbeer”, there will be a “Snitch Seeking Competition”, a “Mystery flavored Jelly Bellies tasting station”, a “Hogwarts Themed Photo Booth” and… and… and…

All those things make me want to move to L.A., pronto.

I mean, look at this lovely scene of our favourite giant, by Scott C.:



I can’t decide which Hagrid I like best- the one above or Cory‘s version:



Or have you seen Madeye Moody in a papercut before? Me neither.



This portrait of Luna Lovegood is enchanting



… as is this picture of Hermione Granger:



This little Harry is just plain cute



though he looks a bit scared. No wonder, with antagonists like this



Good to know that he has powerful friends, like him



who sometimes visit in this form



And with a feathery friend like this, what could go wrong?



We all know that in the end “neither can live while the other survives”





But this spell has proven itself before



And don’t we all know? In the end “all was well”.