Pretty (,) Useless Stuff

What was that? You said you wanted to buy me something? My oh my, you shouldn’t… But if you insist: I found some veeeery nice things online. Pretty and useless stuff. Mostly useless. In the sense of “I don’t need this, but I want it!”. The Geek would probably scratch the “pretty” and just call it useless ;).

Look at those measuring cups:



Aren’t they lovely? I might already have some, but not nearly as pretty.

Or this cupcake kit? I think the birds say “Eat me!”



Just as these erasers say “It’s ok that you made a mistake, here, let me rub my butt against it and it’ll disappear in no time”



I think they’re Princess Peach approved.

With this wallet, no one is going to hornswaggle you. They will assume you know your maths.



I’m a sucker for mustaches. They say “I’m a badass and a gentleman!”. Love it.



I’d like these for next winter. This way I’d have warm ears and good music to brighten the dark days.



Just as these would, in the right place. My ears, for example.



Oh, those whales. Will they find eachother or not? Whatever, they look happy as they are.



As does this pouch. It would be allowed to swallow my cents any day.



All items can be found at ModCloth, who should open a German shop. Just sayin’.

Cute up your life!

The cuter the house, the happier the housewife.

I’m not exactly a housewife, but that statement is true for me.

Need cute pots? Creations Li has them.

An adorable lamp-bookrest-hybrid?

You can find it at emmo home.

You never know where to put your keys?

Get this birdhouse. And the bird pendant doubles as a whistle.

And if you ever wanted to pretend your cupcakes were robot brains (as I’m sure you did), use these Yumbots.

Cuteness overload

It happened, I just ‘sploaded.

Too much cuteness.

Cannot compute…

I mean, the only thing better than Star Wars is when its galactical coolness is combined with kitty cuteness!

Hello Wars!

If they had one, I would buy a “Hello Leia” necklace in a new-york-minute. Without thinking twice.

But even that cuteness can’t be compared to the following.

It’s Jack-in-the-box! It stealthily collects your coins! It meows while doing so!

Oh boy. I mean, you know when my birthday is, right?