Cute Halloween costumes for all!

Forgive me, I haven’t posted cutesy stuff for a long time, it’s practically like I’ve weaned myself off it, but I couldn’t bypass this!

Today I read GCC‘s post about her trying to find Halloween costumes for her twins, and she talked about Pottery Barn‘s costumes.

And they are killing me, people. Killing with cuteness! Cuteness overload! Cannot comcute compute!

Before I start drooling on my keyboard, just check out those kids in tights:



It seems like the owl trend is still going strong, like this costume proves. I know at least one person who’ll be happy to know 🙂

Mrs. Prosch’s Olde Bakery digs this zappy number, how couldn’t she?



Had I a baby, I would consider this group costume– who can resist a delicious baby? Nobody, that’s who.



Might be a bit cannibalistic for some tastes, though.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Cute or scary? Or even skanky?



If I weighed half of what I do

and ran around in flimsy hula-skirts

and had coconut-halves for a bra

and flowers in my hair,

if I never had to wear any shoes,

merely flip-flops to get around

and would see a vanilla-pink sunrise

and a golden-red sunset each day,

If all I’d have to drink

was coconutmilk

or rum

and all I’d have to eat fresh fish

and all I’d have to do all day

was write and sun and skinny-dip in the azure sea

then, and only then, could I justify buying this:

As seen @ Celentano Woodworks

Mrs. Prosch’s Olde Bakery VII: Birthday Cupcakes

A friend of ours turned 30 yesterday. A gift was in order, but we didn’t want to get the usual CD/DVD.

Why not bake something, with heart and love and muscle-power!

The task was clear, it had to be cupcakes! A birthday cake is so 2004, and cupcakes are just nicer for a party, especially if the birthday boy is a bachelor and you can bet he hasn’t got one cake/dessert plate 😉

So I got into the kitchen, and I went all the way.

Banana-Cherry-Chocolate muffins? Check.

Cherry muffins filled with a dollop of nutella? Check.

Cocoa muffins with chocolate chips? Check.

Regular muffins with red food colouring and chocolate chips? Check.

Once those beauties were out of the oven I let them cool and went on a quest for cupcake cream.

Harder than it sounds, but I have some trusted baking-blogs that I can rely on for recipes. In the end, Bakerella did the trick with her recipe for “Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting”.

I must admit, mixing this huge amount of confectioner’s sugar with the cream cheese felt kinda wrong. But the outcome, oh, the outcome!

It was creamy, vanilla-y, buttery goodness. But a tad too sweet, I think in the future I’ll decrease the amount of sugar. But the red food-colouring was a heaven-sent, it gave some of the cupcakes a lovely pink hue.

Ch-ch-check them out:

In the end I covered some muffins in chocolate, in case the frosting scared someone off.

When they were standing in the birthday boy’s kitchen everyone was like “Wow! Who made those?”.

My cupcakes bring all the boys

in the yard kitchen ,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than your’s…

At least that’s what the boys looked like:

And the birthday boy himself? He liked!

Mrs. Prosch’s Olde Bakery VI: Mole-Cupcakes

I generally don’t like bake-mixes and there are only two I use on a kinda- regular basis.

One of them is a French Chocolate Tarte and the other one Dr. Oetkers “Maulwurfkuchen” (Mole-Cake).

Named after its appearance, it looks like a mole-hill. It consists of fluffy chocolate cake with a creamy filling. I usually pimp the filling with bananas and cherry. In my book, it doesn’t get much better than cherry-banana-chocolate!

Now, I wanted to bake that cake today, but my fridge didn’t really have enough free space to take it in. And with mole-cake, not only does it have to cool in the fridge for two hours, it usually lasts several days, so it’ll have to be kept in there, too.

So last night, lying in bed and contemplating about today’s baking, I asked myself “Why don’t you just bake mole-cupcakes?”. And why not, indeed.

So I mixed the dry ingredients with a bit of milk, two eggs and butter and filled the batter into my newest muffin-liners. If you want to try it, don’t fill the liners to the brim because the dough rises quite a lot during baking.

I then proceeded to whip some cream and mixed it with the water-and-stuff creme from the cake-mix. Two hours into the fridge, and then onto the cupcakes. But first I put some banana slices on top, yummi!

For decorating the creme I used a freezer bag with a corner cut off. Worked quite well, but I’ll definately have to work on my topping-decoration-skillz.

They were yummi, but I think if I’d made them from scratch they would’ve been even better.

Mrs. Prosch’s olde bakery III: Self-frosting cupcakes

It’s no secret that I’m madly in love with anything out of the muffin family. Blueberry? Bring it on. Cherry-chocolate? Hell yeah!

Having been brought up in a household that emptied at least one glass of Nutella a week, I was pleasantly surprised as I stumled over this recipe over at the bakingsheet.  Mmh, cupcakes said my heart. Mmh, practical said my head. Cupcakes without stirring up some frosting? Neat!

So I gathered round the ingredients, all of which I found in my storage, a nice plus!


Then I mixed them together as my cheat-sheet said and topped each dough-filled muffinpaper with a nice teaspoon Nutella:


Now the tricky part: Using a toothpick to swirl the dough and Nutella into some nice swirls:


Few minutes later they came out of the oven, and voilá:


They tasted quite good, as I must say. Though I think I would’ve preferred them with my before mentioned recipe because I didn’t like the taste of the dough itself that much. I guess the next time I’ll try this recipe with my mom’s famous Fanta-muffins, or, as she says “Fanta-törtchen”.  Yes, something like Fanta-muffins exists!

All my complaining aside: the girls whom I served them to on a ladies DVD night rather enjoyed them, so they were a success after all.

Mrs. Prosch’s olde bakery II: Cheesecake Cupcakes with Shortbread

Good fences make good neighbors. At least Robert Frost thought so.  I have to disagree, at least regarding our last flat’s neighbors.  Below us lived a darling old lady, Mrs. A, who never complained after a party and always helped out with an onion or some vinegar.  She was always friendly and talkative, but left us alone when we wanted to. Her next door neighbor, Mrs. N, fell into the same category. Though we were quite glad to leave our one-room flat behind, we sure were sorry to leave the ladies. So we promised to invite them to our new flat, once it was finished.

After we finally got the last lamps installed and the sofa and dining table set up, the invitation followed. Now I don’t have to mention that I couldn’t just use a baking-mix from the store,  so I gladly took out my recipe-book and stumbled upon:


Yummy, I thought, and royal enough for our special guests. So to start I had to crush some buttercookies, but I soon discarded my first choice for a tool:


So I put it back into hubby’s office and grabbed the ladle, worked really well:


After mixing the crumbs with soft butter the mix had to be filled into the muffin-papermolds, like that:


Then I could fill them up with a mixture of creamcheese, curd cheese and vanillapudding powder:


40 Minutes later the cupcakes looked golden and smelled soo good:


With the self-whipped cream and cranberries on top they looked like little pieces of art, if I say so myself:


The Ladies loved them and even hubby, who is a sceptic when it comes to baked goods, ate at least five.

Looks like I did it again.