Black Sunshine – through the years

This will be a short one. And full of clichés, so bear with me.

When I was 14, I discovered that, contrary to my classmates’ beliefs, there was more to music than N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Thank God.

My hometown’s music scene leaned heavily towards Rock and Metal, no pun intended. So I went to every gig there was, best friend in tow, staring doe-eyed at the guys and girls on stage – one eye always on the clock, lest I broke curfew.

Fast forward 17 years to last night.

My first real night out in… a too embarrassingly long time. I stood there, beer in hand, no curfew in sight and simply enjoyed my first “Black Sunshine” concert in 13 years.


And it was good.

Not just the music, though I immensely enjoyed that. More the certainty that no one would call out “Mama” and I would have to stop anything I was doing at a moment’s notice.

I talked to old friends and aquaintances, met new ones, stood in people’s cigarette smoke and enjoyed the beer on their breath, simply for the novelty of it not being milk…

And then, at one a.m. I called it a night, hugged my friends and drove home to find my husband and daughter knocked out from the exertion of a sleepless evening. And it was good, even though duty called again at 6:30 and I was nowhere near being well-rested. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Black Sunshine – through the years

  1. Gerade erst gesehen & gelesen. Schön, dass du an diesem Abend dabei warst und das Konzert genau so genossen hast wie wir. Dann hoffe ich mal, dass wir uns beim nächsten wieder sehen. In Reihe 1. Mit Bier. Zigarettenrauch. Und guten Freunden…

  2. Das wäre schön! Steht der nächste Termin schon? Bei mir schließt sich ganz langsam das Zeitfenster, in dem ich noch auf Konzerte kann – die Familie wird bald noch etwas größer…

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