“The Hunger Games”

I finally succumbed to the hype and bought a copy of “The Hunger Games“.

Having been fascinated by dystopian novels for quite some time now, I couldn’t pass up the chance on reading this one.



First published in 2008 it quickly rose to fame in the States, creating a hype similar to the Twilight series- pre movies.

The story focusses on Panem, a state where Northern America used to be. It is divided into 12 districts, each bringing forth a certain product, to offer to the almighty Capitol.

After natural catastrophes have brought tumult to the States, the nation re-organized itself. The Capitol and thirtheen states rose, but people started to rebell against the wealthy Capitol, who in turn fought each district down and distroyed the thirteenth.


The map of Panem, according to a fan.


Each year after that, the Capitol holds a kind of morbid lottery where a boy and girl from each district gets picked to take part in the “Hunger Games”, a sick competition strongly reminiscend of “Battle Royale“.

It is meant to keep the districts in place and demonstrate the Capitol’s power.



Although I’m tempted to tell you more about the story, I’d rather leave you with the same chance I had: Reading the book on the weekend of its cinematic release in the states.

I tremendously enjoyed reading the book, not having seen the actors who portray the characters in the movie, being able to imagine them first.

I even managed not to know anything about the story itself prior to reading it, except that it was dystopian fiction, centered around a teenage girl.

If you’d like to read it as well, I hope you’re as lucky, with talk about the books and the movie gaining momentum, even in Germany…


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