Bergisch’ Land Beauty – Sengbachtalsperre

Am Samstag hat es mich mit Freunden nach draußen gezogen, in den Wald, ans Wasser, an die Luft – weg aus unseren Wohnzimmern, die uns in den nächsten Wochen noch genug zu sehen bekommen. Weg von Bildschirmen jeglicher Art, weg vom Haushalt mit seinen kleinlichen Aufgaben, so nervig wie notwendig…

Einfach nur raus, raus, raus aus dem Haus, zu fünft rein in das Auto, lachend und durcheinander redend in Richtung Glüder, dahin, wo früher das Getaway zu finden war.

Das übliche Gefummel mit Smartphones und Runkeeper, parallele Dehnübungen und kopfüber ins Gebüsch – beinahe.

Was folgte war eine Achterbahn von “Wow, hast du den Pilz gesehen?”

1382170708860über “Klar, und du den Feen-Baumstumpf da?”

Camera 360

bis zu “Oh Gott, bitte nein, da kommt ja schon wieder ein Berg…”

Das ist der Fluch und der Segen im Bergischen Land: Wenn man darin unterwegs ist, muss man mit voller Kraft so einige Hügel hoch. Doch schafft man das, Schnappatmung hin oder her, wird man belohnt.

Und zwar grandios.

Camera 360

Camera 360

Und wenn man auf seiner Runde zum zweiten (!) Mal vom gleichen Jogger überholt wird, lässt auch das Selbstmitleid ob der drohenden Seitenstiche schlagartig nach…

Sieht man dann am Ende die ganz beachtliche Runde auf seinem Smartphone, bleibt doch ein wenig Stolz. Und ja, auch etwas Muskelkater in den Beinen – aber der ist schließlich das sportliche Äquivalent von “picture or it didn’t happen”, right?


Herbstgefühle von der Wupper

Gestern schien die Sonne nicht, man sah sie sogar kaum. Es war eher kühl und schien insgesamt wenig einladend – trotzdem bin ich runter an die Wupper gefahren, um die “Einmal über die Brücke”-Runde zu machen.

Und war so froh, es getan zu haben.

Der Lauf war der Beweis, dass der Herbst nicht nur schön ist, wenn die Sonne durch glühende Blätter scheint.

Ihr braucht Ansichtskarten? Mais, bien sûr.


Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Fünf gute Gründe, um gleich den Regenschirm zu nehmen und wieder los zu ziehen, dahin, wo die Wälder noch rauschen



… wo ich dann auch war:

Camera 360

Pentecost at Aggertal

Seasoned readers of my blog know that Hubby and I like camping, either near or far. Last year we visited beautiful Aggertal for the first time and both enjoyed it tremendously. We knew we had to go there again and after quite some planning and facebook-messaging we routed together most of the Solingen Zebra Ultras and went on the road.

Where to? Same place as last year, of course: Freizeitcamp Aggertalsperre.

And what did we do? Mostly hanging out, eating, playing, eating, and more hanging out.

Sure, some of us went swimming.



But we mostly hung around this nice fire



On the second day, some of us went on a little walk here, around the half-peninsula



where we stalked some guys in a canoe



on our way over here



Not to sound too creepy: those guys belonged to us :). And we didn’t threaten them, we merely cheered them on with our usual Ultras-cheer, which I can’t repeat over here.

The weekend was funny, exhausting, character-building, yummi, hot & cold, but most of all: a great experience!

Until next year!

Mrs. Prosch’s Olde Bakery IX: Rainbow Cake

Today was a friend’s birthday and she deserved something nice and pretty. Since she got a pocket knife as a gift, albeit a pretty one, something special was warranted, something girly.

In the last months my dreams were haunted by technicolour cupcakes like those:

Oooh, pretty!

When my favourite cooking magazine‘s last edition had a rainbow cake in it I knew I had to try it.

I tweaked the recipe a bit and went for buttercream instead of whipped cream – I just had to call my mother for my grandma’s recipe 🙂

The dough had to be divided into five parts, meticulously measured by yours truly, and coloured with simple food colouring.

Then I baked each layer individually, let them cool off and put them atop of each other. Some cherry marmalade went into the middle parts, so the layers stuck more and the cake was a bit juicier.

Not very pretty yet, right? That’s because the layers aren’t evenly thick, a job only achievable by cutting the excesses off – who has the time for that?

That’s right, I don’t! I’ve got buttercream to make!

Already looks nicer, doesn’t it?

You can almost taste the buttery vanilla on the tip of your tongue, can’t you? Thought so.

The best part of the cake: when still uncut it is pretty on the outside, but it’s nothing compared to the beauty you find upon slicing it open. And you can’t say that for many things.

Lookit: All sweet and virgin-y

The fun part was when the birthday-girl saw her cake and happily exclaimed: “Oh look, a princess-cake!” But then, when it was cut open, her reaction was topped and there were “oohs” and “aaahs” galore, what a surprise!

I mean, seriously: Those innards, peeking out of the cream? Wowiez. Definitely worth the work.

Mmh boy, that was yummy. After this post I really wish I’d taken home another piece… not that there were many left 😉

I could think that it was because the cake was delicious… But I have the nagging suspicion that the guests were only curious to find out if they’d have any similarities with the famous nyan-cat the next morning 😉


Camera Handbags

Ever since we bought our Nikon I’ve been running around like a mule, toting not only one of my handbags, but the bulky camerabag as well.

How I’d like a stylish bag that will not only hold my wallet and keys, but also keep my camera safe and cozily wrapped up.

And, as I’ve discovered, there are options available for lady-photographers.

American shop JoTotes offers “camera bags for ladies”, like my favourite, magnificent Millie, seen here in “Sugarplum”



or ravishing Rose, seen here in teal



Ranging from $80-87 they aren’t more expensive than my other purses and each color has a different beautiful inlay with all the compartments one can wish for:



Whoever doesn’t like JoTotes should visit epiphanie for more options.

Only do they have to have a big wallet, if you catch my drift.

My personal favourite, Belle, comes in four different colours  and can be purchased for a pricy $164.99



But I like their Lola, too, especially in bright red



Their bags have extra padding in their compartments



so all of the equipment is safe and sound



More pretty camera bags can be found at the PhotoQueen, a German shop for lady photographers.

I think their Classic bag is lovely in fuchsia



And their Libby in sapphire cannot be scoffed at



But the hobby photographer will have to save some money first, because the two models above are sold for 199€ and 229€.

Anyone who hasn’t found their dreambag yet or still has to keep on saving to be able to afford it, should visit Chocmuf’s Pixbag store at DaWanda.

They specialize in hand-sown camerabags like this one



that fit snugly around your camera. Then you can go on using your regular handbag and your camera will be safe in its depths.

What I especially like about their shop is that they offer a vast amount of differently colored fabrics, so you can choose a favourite.

I like those classic two





and those quirky two




Which stylish option of carrying around your camera do you prefer?